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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab



This GIS Unit was established in 1998 under the management of City and Regional Planning Department with the purpose of serving as a teaching, training, and research center for graduate students and department faculty. It equips the students with technical GIS knowledge for careers in a variety of planning fields and help the local organizations hire the personnel with hands on GIS experience. It also helps faculty in their research activities. The Unit has been utilized to offer regular GIS courses. Also many short courses in GIS have been conducted during the last four years using this GIS Unit. Thus, the Unit introduces the use of GIS technology to people working in both public and private sector in this area. The unit also aims in future to provide consultancy for GIS users in the area. 

The unit is well equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art hardware and software, enabling students and researchers to use them in their respective projects. It currently uses ArcGIS as its main GIS software in addition to other general-purpose software. The GIS Unit provides space for 20 students simultaneously with access to GIS software, GPS technology, state of the art equipment and peripherals such as Large format Digitizer, Scanner, Printer and heavy duty color and laser printers.


The unit is equipped with 28 networked computers. Each computer has 4GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive and 21" Wide LCD Monitors.  


The unit is currently using world's leading GIS software from ESRI Inc. ArcGIS 10.8.1 version 

GPS Receivers

The unit is equipped with 6 GPS Receivers. 


The unit is equipped with peripherals such as large format plotter, large format scanner, flatbed scanner, DeskJet printers and laser printers. 

GIS-Related Semester Based Courses

CRP 514: Introduction to GIS (Semester-based course) 

CRP 515: Advanced Topics in GIS (Semester-based course)

CRP 507 Computer-aided Planning

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Contact Persons

​Dr. Baqer Al-Ramadan  |  GIS Unit Coordinator 

Mohammed Raziuddin   |  GIS Specialist

Advanced Spatial Analysis Lab


Proposed Urban Informatics and Sustainability Laboratory 

The proposed lab will facilitate interdisciplinary faculty research on Smart Cities, Urban Sustainability, and other related fields in the long run. It plays the role of an entity and a platform to research and offer consultation work in funded projects on Smart Cities and Urban Sustainability in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its potential research activities, future collaborations, interdisciplinary expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities, the Lab will also be used for future graduate programs at the CRP Department.



Assisted Services

Administrative Space

The administrative space is a common secretarial area for all department chairmen in CDB. It accommodates a waiting area for visitors (e.g., students, faculty, and guests). The space is located in Building 19 (4th floor).


Faculty Meeting Room

The faculty meeting room is an informal meeting space. It is equipped with a large meeting table and a smart interactive screen. The room is located in Building 19 (4th floor).


Faculty Lounge

The faculty lounge is a quiet place for faculty members to relax and meet. The lounge is located in Building 19 (4th floor).


Typical Faculty Office

A typical faculty office can accommodate a large working table, file cabinets, book shelves, and visitors chairs. Offices are located in Building 19 (3rd and 4th floor).


Graduate Students Lounge and Study Rooms

The college has lounges and study rooms for graduate students to enable for a quiet and private environment for the students. These rooms are located in Building 19 (4th floor).


Classes and Lecture Rooms

The CDB has multiple classes and lecture rooms in different capacities and arrangements. All them are located Building 19 (4th floor).


Photocopy and Printing Center

The reproduction center is located in Building 19 (2nd floor). It services the copying and printing needs of the college. The center is equipped with two high volume copiers; a Nashuatec 4561 copier and a Konica 331 copier. The center also has a large format copier capable of producing up to A2 and a Xerox reproduction machine capable of very large format reproductions. The center has Binding equipment, light table and cutters. Also attached to the reproduction center is also the material store of the college. This is where all the graphic materials and supplies of the college are kept and supplied to faculty and students. The store supports the design and other academic activities of the college.


The main responsibility of the maintenance team is to ensure that everything runs smoothly at our building. Their office is located in Building 19 (2nd floor).


Storage Space

The CDB has multiple storage spaces all located in Building 19 (2nd floor).