Summer Training


Students applying for Summer Training should register for one of the following courses:


ARC399 – Summer Training

Professional training for eight weeks during summer in a professional architectural consulting firm. Firsthand expert training in the building design and construction industry under the supervision of a faculty coordinator. Upon the completion of the summer internship, students should submit a portfolio outlining their individual contributions.

  • Pre-requisite: ARC 345, ENGL 214, and Junior Standing


SSC 399  – Summer Training 

A continuous period of 8 weeks of one semester working in the industry to gain exposure and appreciation of the Smart City Planning profession. On-the-job training can be acquired in one or more of the areas related to Smart City Planning. The student is required to write a detailed report about his practical work experience. The report should emphasize duties assigned and completed by the student and gained skills and abilities.

  • Pre-requisite: ENGL 214 and  Junior Standing


Coop and Summer Training Opportunities

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